HOT PIT & Lap Experience Sub Heading

APRIL 18 and 19, 2020

Homestead Miami Speedway

Hot Lap Ride Experience2
race car TLM Hot Pit experience
race car drove by pippa

HOT PIT Experience



Join in on the excitement of race day hanging out with the team!
Be a part of the crew! Get VIP treatment while participating as a member of our racing team during a real race weekend.

Welcome meeting with professional Indycar  driver Pippa Mann, Meet raising star Kristina Esposito and take part in our pit stop challenge.

This very-exclusive behind-the-scenes package provides fans exclusive, up-close and personal access to garages, hot pits and more exciting activities during the race weekend! For this experience, fans must be 19 years old and up.

Package includes:

  • VIP lounge to enjoy the days activities
  • Garage and Pit Access
  • Q and A with professional race car drivers and team owners.
  • Catered lunch and beverages
  • Weekend parking passes
  • Victory Lane and exclusive photo opportunities before the race
  • Garage tour
  • Driver Introductions
  • Pit stop competition between VIP members to spice up the day
  • Your very own pit stall from which to watch the race pit side and listen in to the crew and drivers via radio/headset. 

HOT LAP Experience



ADD A HOT LAP:   It doesn’t take a lot for people to be wowed by a real hotlap especially when it’s wheeled around a racetrack by seasoned professional drivers! 

Spectating at a motorsports event always leaves one wondering what it would feel like to be in that car especially at track speed!   Forgo the racing license, and get to the nitty gritty by flying in a car around the track with one of TLM seasoned a highly skilled driver at the wheel.

Feel the feeling of how a car can go that fast!   Be’s taken around a track in one of the TLM racings race cars in a real Hot Lap Experience after the race day has concluded!  Feel the grip the drivers experience and talk about the track and the various corners as the professional driver is wheeling the car around the professional race track.  Get ready to be impressed with the amount of grip the car has and the car’s acceleration with the torque off the corners.  

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